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Meditation School / Meditative Discourse and Course

Tantra - Transformation of Energies and Balance

In KAUNAS: Meditative discourse: 2020 May 21st (Thu) 18:00-19:30
Practical seminar: 2020 May 21st (Thu) 19:30-22:00

In Esoteric center AUM, Kestucio Str. 83, Kaunas, Lithuania.


In VILNIUS: Meditative discourse: 2020 May 22nd (Fri) 18:30-20:00
Practical seminar: 2020 May 22nd (Fri) 20:00-22:00
Course: 2020 May 22-24 (Fri-Sun); Starts on Fri at 18:30
(discourse and seminar included)
Sat. 9:30-19:30; Sun 9:30-18:30; lunch break on Sat,Sun ~14:00-15:15.

In Meditation center Ojas Zenhall, Pavasario Str. 21d, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Lead by Meditation master, t.dr. Prembuda , who lives and works without sick-leaves for 28 years already.




There are three main energies in a man – sexual, vital and kundalini. Spring is the best and most visible time of their awakening, growth and transformation. If they awake from the inside and in a balanced way, then it is tantra.




In the Sanskrit language "Tan-tra" is the liberation of the inside. This way a seed turns into tree, an egg into bird, jealousy and anger into love. A human is not only capable of this, but that is his/her potency, nature and freedom, therefore, responsibility. That does not need to be asked, that is not sold or bought. That is natural and normal. That liberates and inspires.  




Atoms of our body and energy come from the cosmos. Therefore, any unbalanced concentration, wish or action from the mind always bears tensions, diseases, misfortunes and sufferings. Even pandemics, which are completely unfrightening to meditator. And there is a simple reason for that. It is enough for us to balance ourselves and relax and clean by that the body, mind and soul. That is meditation. Then everything else is happening easily, freely and refreshingly.


In the practicum we will learn to sense, breath, feel and see the movements, sensations, emotions, thoughts, feelings and energies. On our own, in couple and group. When that happens not through efforts, thoughts or will, but through transformation, growth and balance, life becomes love-making, blossoming, dance and feast.


The most relevant problems are resolved by a single course; however, all our sides are developed only by the entire cycle of meditation courses in Meditation School and Meditation Academy.


Newcomers may attend by joining any course of the Meditation School. Please arrive 15-30 minutes in advance to introduce yourself and to be introduced to meditation instructions and laws. Please wear light hygienic clothing, have your personal ID document and a mat. Meditative contribution of participant is 15 Eur for lecture, 25 Eur for lecture & seminar; 50 Eur per day for course.


Info: Mobile (+370-685) 11 533, (+370-619) 11 551; in Kaunas mob.: (+370-686) 11 507.


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