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OSHO ™ Kundalini Meditation

Classic presentation


Osho Kundalini Meditation has four stages, 15 minutes each. One meditates with closed eyes, though the first and the second stages may be meditated with opened eyes also. While meditating, look inwards, be in a thoughtless state of consciousness.

1 stage. Shaking. Relax. Draw your attention towards the base of the spine. Tune to space, to kundalini energy and feel it. Allow the body start shaking from feet and support shaking of the body. Moving the body and shaking help to liven up vital energy and indirectly awaken kundalini energy, helps to light it. Don't make any efforts. Let go various impulses , tensions, impressions, don't disturb rising of kundalini energy and body shaking.

2 stage. Dance. Let your body dance according to the music. Let go poses, manners, habits. Be in harmony with body, feel kundalini energy, support its flow and the dance. That will withdraw the attention from the mind and its interference. Dance from within, let your body dance.


3 stage. Witnessing. Remain standing or sit down. From within neutrally witness everything what is happening out and in-side. Withdraw from body, breathing, thoughts and don't interfere into anything, don't value anything, don't judge. Witness.

4 stage. Doing nothing. Lie down. Don't try to do or not to do anything. Just don't do anything. Be still and silent.


Osho Kundalini meditation progressive presentation .

Meditation CD can be purchased.

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