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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Meditation School/ Lecture and Course

Knowing and Balancing Yourself and the World


Meditative discourse: June 21, 2019 (Fri) 6.30-8.00PM
Practicum: June 21-23, 2019 (Fri-Fri); starts at 6.00PM (Fri)

Meditation Center Ojas Resort & Budhahall, Mishkiniai vil. 8, Nemenchine eld., Vilnius region, Lithuania Google maps



Entire Universe exists in balance and harmony without any orders, penalties, and violence. It is beautiful and inspiring. Especially in the midsummer time. According to nature and equalities – laws. Thus, the best to know yourself and the world and stay in balance is through an individual experience, meditation and general laws. Gradually expanding your experience and knowledge to community and wholeness, to the higher bodies and the Cosmos. At the beginning every day we start experiencing and feeling one body higher.

A seed in nature is like soul in spirit. A seed is born, grows and then falls and grows or suffers unconsciously. The soul also may either be born in body, grow as well as die  unconsciously in suffering and misery, or consciously, according to its potency – happily, healthy and wealthy.

It is easy to transform one healthy seed to a garden or forest, also even a single cell to a group or colony of cells as everything grows on Earth individually and universally according to laws. The same is true for happiness, health and riches.

The easiest and fastest way to relax tensions in body, mind and soul, to know them and transform into happiness, joy and health through natural and transformational meditative practices and dynamic meditations because meditation is in harmony with the inside, surroundings and wholeness. Through senses, tuning, action and consciousness. Only from thought-free consciousness it is seen how one needs to develop, flow, guide and balance.

Nature and live Cosmos evolves almost unconsciously. Therefore there are much suffering and misfortunes in them. In conscious evolution all the misfortunes, sufferings and disabilities may be transformed into happiness, celebration, abilities, love, and freedom. The result is indescribable, unimaginable and limitless experience, knowledge, and balance.


Lead by meditation master Prembuda.



Please have a personal identification document.   Practices take place from 6.30 AM to 9.30 PM.
Meditative contribution: 110 EUR for 2.5 days.

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