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Beloved Osho, Why Do You Always Laugh At The Pope? Are You Against Him For Any Personal Reasons?*

Part 2

Popes in the past have not lived more than one year, or two years, because they became pope at the very end of their life. It is a long hierarchy. They start as the lowest of priests, they become bishops, they become cardinals, and then finally, two hundred cardinals choose the pope. It is very rare and only very old people are chosen, for the simple reason that they will be dying within a year or two, when another cardinal can be chosen.

This is a simple strategy in politics. But they forgot ... this Polack has completely forgotten to die. He was chosen with the hope that he would follow the tradition because he was old. But he is enjoying so much being the pope that he has been becoming younger, not older. And now all the cardinals are in a fix – what to do? And where are they going to find somebody after the Polack dies? You will have to find someone more stupid, more idiotic, and I don’t think there are people outside Poland who can manage to be more stupid than this man.

Two Polacks are leaving school to go out into the world. One of them asks the other, ”And what are you going to do with your life?”
”Well,” replies the other, ”I have decided to be a chicken farmer.”
Five years later they meet on the street and the first Polack asks,” How is the chicken farm going?”
”My God,” replies the other, ”it was a complete disaster. All my chickens died.”
”Why,” asks his friend, ”what happened?”
”I am not sure,” the other Polack replies. ”I either planted them too deep or too close together!”

Polacks have a speciality – his was the farming of chickens. I am not against the pope, I am against the whole ideology that the pope represents. I am against the idea of God, I am against the idea of the son of God. I am against the idea that any human being is pretending to have a direct phone connection to God.

The whole Christian theology is so poor that if you understand religion a little bit, as an experience, you will be surprised that Christianity is counted as a religion at all. There is nothing religious in it. No meditation – not a single pope has been enlightened. Even the man who created the whole of Christianity was not enlightened.

Christianity was not created by Jesus. He remained a Jew his whole life. He was born a Jew, lived a Jew, died a Jew. He never knew that he was a Christian. And he was not trying to create a new religion at all. There is not a single statement by him to that effect. He was continuously trying to prove himself a Jewish prophet for whom the Jews had been waiting for thousands of years, the awaited great prophet after Moses.

And the Jews were angry because of this. If he had created a new religion, there would have been no problem. If he had wanted to create a new religion, the Jews might have laughed at the whole thing, that a son of a carpenter whose birth is suspicious ... Holy ghosts don’t exist, at least in Judaism – some hooligan may have done the trick. They would have laughed, but because he was continuously harassing them to accept him as their prophet – that was impossible.

Sometimes it is good to understand things from their background psychology. Why was it so difficult for the Jews to accept Jesus as their last prophet? Obviously he was not educated, he was not even a rabbi, he had no learning about the Jews’ scriptures. At the most, he was suffering from megalomania. But these were uperficial reasons to reject him.

The deeper reason is: the last prophet was their hope. And the hope was that the last prophet will redeem them from their misery, from their suffering. Jews have suffered more than any race in the world. And they were living with the hope that the last prophet will come one day and the coming of the last prophet will be the end of the dark night.

And they have believed – because of Moses – that they are the chosen people of God. And the chosen people of God having a carpenter’s son as their last prophet, of whom it is well known that he is not the son of his own father ... Because he was born after the marriage but before nine months, so certainly he was not the son of Joseph!

Mohammedans never refer to Jesus as the son of Joseph. They also don’t believe in the holy ghost.

The holy ghost has been invented by Christianity, just to cover up an old slander. Mohammedans call Jesus, ibn Marian: Jesus, the son of Mary. This seems to be more sincere. They don’t bring anything else into it, they simply drop Joseph out. One thing is certain – that he is the son of Mary. The Arabic for Mary is Marian. And in Arabic, everybody has to write his name and his father’s name. Because the father is uncertain they write Jesus’ mother’s name: Jesus Ibn Marian – the son of Marian.

The Jews were hoping for a prophet, a great prophet who is going to deliver them from all their suffering. And Jesus was not doing anything to redeem them from all of their suffering. They could not accept him, because to accept him would have destroyed their hope. And that hope was the only thing they were living for. It is a very strange phenomenon.

Hymie Goldberg was on a ship – his first journey – and was suffering from sea sickness. The captain came to him and told him, ”Don’t be worried, because never in the whole history of shipping has anybody died of sea sickness.”
Goldberg said, ”Please don’t say such a thing, because death is the only hope that I am living for, hoping that I will die. This sickness – and you are telling me ... You think you are consoling me, but you are taking away my only hope.”

Nobody wants to destroy their hope, because life is so empty. We are filling it with hopes. The poor man is thinking he will become rich. The uneducated person is thinking if he cannot become educated, at least his children will become educated. But everybody is living through hope, because the present is absolutely empty. They can only imagine a fulfilled future.

Jesus did not give that fulfillment. That was given by the hope that one day the prophet will come. Of course, they will never accept anyone, because no man is capable of redeeming you from suffering; it is not only Jesus. Nobody else after him has tried, because seeing the result ... Otherwise, the Jews will crucify the other fellow also, because you cannot redeem anybody from his suffering.

It is a simple thing: everybody creates his own suffering and only he is capable of redeeming himself.

You cannot throw the responsibility on some prophet who will come and redeem you from all misery, all anguish. And the Jews are utterly tired, but hope is the only light in their dark night. And Jesus wants to take away that hope also? This was the underlying psychology. They could not accept Jesus.

*Excerpt from OSHO video: Sat Chit Anand, Politicians are Great Criminals, vol.10 #12 Question 2


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